About Us

“A woman is the naykaa of her own life.” As quoted by Falguni Nayaar. A woman’s entrepreneurial journey starts with her struggles to prove her existence. Learning new ways every day, fighting, and withstanding her own battles, the woman is a natural entrepreneur. Either working throughout at home or at workplace, each woman understands what it takes to be a woman. What if you decide your own workplace, your own work criteria, and ethics? WESV HORIZONS is a start-up to encourage women of all ages pave their ways to their dreams without compromising with their circumstances. No woman on the Earth should be deprived of the opportunity to do what she intends to. Pass on the knowledge to others and run with the torch of light. Add value to others’ life with your products. Increase your reach and visibility. Love it the way you want. Let’s decide our own horizons.